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Capabilities: RDT&E Technical Support

Eagle Systems performs RDT&E technical support for NAWCAD, NRL, and COMOPTEVFOR in the areas of test planning, test set-up, testing, and post-test activities. Our capabilities and sample support areas include:
  NAWCAD Test and Evaluation Support:
  • Aircraft Systems EMI, EMC, and EMP Testing
  • Electrical Power Systems Electrical and Environmental Testing
  • Support Equipment Technical Evaluation
  • P-3 Modification Programs Test and Evaluation
  • UAV Test and Evaluation and Flight Operations Support
  NRL Test and Evaluation Support:
  • Integrated Electronic Warfare Simulation Support
  • Ships EW Systems Test and Evaluation
  • EO/IR Simulation Support
  • MTC-2
  • N-ERP
  • DCGS-N