Capabilities: Laboratory and Test Facility Services

  Eagle Systems provides lab and test facility support for NAVAIR and NRL. These facilities include:
  AIR 4.4 Propulsion and Power Facilities and Labs:
  • Aircraft Test and Evaluation Facility (ATEF)
  • Electrical Power Systems Evaluation Facility (EPSEF) which includes:
    • Dynamics Test Laboratory
    • Electrical Test Laboratory
    • Environmental Test Laboratory
    • Mobile Electrical Test Laboratories
    • Modeling and Simulation Test Laboratory
    • Wind Tunnel Test Facility
    • Wiring Test Laboratory
  • Naval Power, Avionics, and Thermal Laboratory (NPATH)
  • Propulsion Systems Evaluation Facility (PSEF) which includes:
    • Battery and Fuel Cell Test Laboratory
    • Chemistry Laboratory
    • Helicopter Drive System Facility
    • Rotor Spin Facility
  PMA-290/MPRA Facilities and Labs:
  • E-2C Laboratory
  • Triton/MQ-4C Navy Systems Integration Laboratory (NSIL)
  • Classified P-8 Application Development Laboratory (CPADL)
  • Unclassified P-8 Application Development Laboratory (UPADL)
  • Poseidon Integrated Systems Test Laboratory (PISTL)
  • Program Hardware Integration Center (PHIC)
  Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) Facilities and Labs:
  • Aircraft Anechoic Test Facility (AATF)
  • Aircraft Systems Integration Laboratory (ASIL)
  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Laboratory
  • Naval Electromagnetic Radiation Facility (NERF)
  NRL Tactical Electronic Warfare Division (TEWD), Advanced Techniques (AT) Digital Integrated EW Simulation Branch Support:
  • NRL Chesapeake Bay Detachment (CBD) Facility
  • NRL Tilghman Island Facility