Name Title eMail Telephone Number
Lynda Johnson  Chief Executive Officer  ljohnson@eaglesystemsinc.com  (301)863-2453 x119 
Aaron Rondeau  President  arondeau@eaglesystemsinc.com  (301)863-2453 x169 
Bob Rote  Technical Director  brote@eaglesystemsinc.com  (301)863-2453 x168 
Marian Sherman  Director of Business Development  msherman@eaglesystemsinc.com  (301)863-2453 x160 
Kathy Bell  Director of Accounting & Finance  kbell@eaglesystemsinc.com  (301)863-2453 x121 
Dawn Tennyson  Contracts Manager  dtennyson@eaglesystemsinc.com  (301)863-2453 x117 
Roberta Doyle  Payroll Manager  rdoyle@eaglesystemsinc.com  (301)863-2453 x124 
Linda Snively  Human Resources  lsnively@eaglesystemsinc.com  (301)863-2453 x122 
Bob Campbell  T-Log Managing Director  rcampbell@eaglesystemsinc.com  (301) 863-2453 x158 
Leigh Johnson  Facility Security Officer  lahjohnson@eaglesystemsinc.com  (301)863-2453 x127